This upcoming 2023 Bass Fishing season will be the ninth year since Lunker Squad Bassmasters was added to the B.A.S.S. Federation National Club lineup. We are a group of humble, competitive, knowledgeable anglers looking to advance our current status by gaining experience and helping excel the wisdom and potential careers of all our members involved. This club is not only a serious competitive club, but also a haven to learn from others, share experiences, and help promote and grow the bass fishing community. Whether you are a beginner learning the ropes, or you are a seasoned bass-head trying to gain a competitive edge with your angling skills, the Lunker Squad Series is the right organization to join!

Lunker Squad Bassmasters was established in Maple Grove, Minnesota and was founded by Daniel Fabiano and Justin Hill in November of 2014. Our starting roster consisted of 15 members, however we plan on having double that number by the start of next season. We would like to keep our membership numbers no higher then 30 and no lower then 15 in any given season. This enables a strong friendly competition during club events, and a better circulation of education and promotion throughout each member inside the club.

As a club, we will visit 6-8 lakes throughout Minnesota in the months of May through September. We will meet every other Saturday or Sunday at a scheduled lake where we will have a club tournament against each member. Each tournament day is 8 hours long, and following each event commences a professional weigh-in ceremony in the parking lot or boat launch area. Members are given points based on placing in the top 8 places and biggest fish. At the end of the season, the top percentile of members with the most points will be invited to attend the State Tournament, where 200-300 of the best anglers from nearly 35 clubs in the state compete to place in the Top 10 positions in order to go to Divisionals to have a shot at getting invited to the Bassmaster Classic. If a fishing career or desire to participate competitively are not your interest, we are eager to spread our angling wisdom to others, and teach new members proper fishing and boating etiquette, while safety and importance of conservation are never overlooked. Shoot us an email and ask any questions you may have!IMG_7308