We here at Lunker Squad take our bass fishing very seriously while enjoying our time on the water and pushing the education and advancement of each of our members. One of the biggest forms of progression comes from motivating factors such as point systems and overall club and state standings. Each year nearly 40 clubs that are affiliated in the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation tournament trail select their top anglers to compete in the State Tournament in the late Summer to dual it out for a Top 10 spot in order to advance to the Regional and National Championships. The Top 2 from Nationals then advance to the Bassmaster Classic. Each club is allowed a percentage of their starting roster to attend based on individual angler performance throughout the regular season. At Lunker Squad, we max our membership at 30 anglers, which allows us to advance 8 boaters, and 7 non-boaters. As a club, we pre-qualify 5 boaters, and 4 co-anglers from the previous years ‘Angler of the Year’ standings. The remaining open spots will be filled by the top anglers in the standings before the allocation cut-off date. These anglers will then join the pre-qualified team to fish the upcoming State Tournament.